Water levels, Sailing program and Duties – IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

We are experiencing drought conditions, and this combined with school holidays has resulted in a significant fall in those sailing at present. These problems are likely to be relatively short lived however the Sailing Committee have reviewed the position and have put in place the following short-term measures. The position will be regularly reviewed but will continue until a further announcement is made.
We are a club that provides sailing facilities for all, learners, racers and non-racers. Our provision of OOD and safety cover should therefore reflect this. In present circumstances it is unreasonable for duty officers to stay on station all day if no one turns up to sail. The following measures have been put in place;
  1. Racing Program - We will continue with the racing program until further notice. Duty officers should therefore expect and be prepared to provide cover as usual.
  2. Minimum OOD and Safety Cover - Whatever the circumstances OOD and Safety cover will be available for the following minimum periods; Sundays from 12.00 to 13.30, if however, no one has turned up wishing to sail by 13.00 the OOD and safety crew can stand down. On Wednesdays 19.00 – 20.00, if however, no one turns up to sail by 19.30 the crews can stand down.
  3. Proposing to sail - If you are proposing to sail you should turn up during the guaranteed times to be sure OOD and safety cover are available. It would also be helpful if those wishing to sail but not race could contact the OOD in advance to let them know you are intending to sail.
  4. Too Windy - If it is too windy the OOD can cancel sailing for the day as usual.
  5. No Wind - If there is no wind the OOD and safety cover will continue for the minimum guaranteed period in case there is an improvement.
  6. Galley - In view of the low attendance it is hard to provide a galley service, therefore until further announcement there will be no galley provided on a Sunday. Tea and coffee will still be available as usual.



We are a sailing club, affiliated to the RYA, that welcomes families and individuals new to sailing or experienced. We provide training and coaching for adults and young people, to develop skills towards taking part in the club racing programme and beyond.
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